“Although they were only a few meters away from me, the world seemed to close in on them and a dark tunnel vision enveloped me, preventing me from hearing their conversation clearly in the smog of the time shift. There was laughter and then footsteps as they obliviously walked out of my life again. I was left there in purgatory alone and confused. She must have felt me, I was sure of it. That was my only grain of comfort as the guardian angel of my lonely world took me in her scratchy winged embrace. I screamed Casey’s name, but I knew it was only in my head. I turned to the mirror and saw the unspeakable truth of my facial deformities in their miserable glory. Instead of allowing my fingers to find the fragile skin of my eyelids and rip and tear, I aimed my fist at my reflection in the mirror and hit out. There was a dull thud as my knuckles made contact with the glass and then a sharp popping noise as the glass splintered. Despite the burning pain in my fingers and wrist, my reflection made me smile. My punishment for my ugliness satiated me.” ~Excerpt from Alicia’s Story.
The Silent Angels- Chapter 8
© Serena Grey and The Silent Angels 2015.