Thank you so much (I so didn’t expect to EVER been given an Award for my inane rants hahaha), to Coco and her gorgeous Blog:

Now I have to nominate 12 bloggers for this award. I will have to get my head around that, so please bare with me!

I am trying to spend as much time with LeeBee as possible this week as well as doing last minute revision for ………….exaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaams

Not that I’m stressing. I have done NOTHING ELSE but revise and study MY WHOLE LIFE stuck here in this perpetual prison, so I think that now’s the time that Casey gets her payback!

Laterz! 🙂

another great idea that I’ve obviously got LOADS NOT OF TIME NOT TO DO NOT


Here it is! The first 2 chapters of the novel that my aunt is writing about Lee and I. It’s challenging for me as it has meant that I’ve already had to face some home truths…and Lee has been in on the writing too (for his diary entries, and to confirm that he would say and do all the stuff she’s writing hahaha!) Please read, I think it’s ace….too bad she hasn’t written chapter 3 yet!

The Silent Angels

The Silent Angels will be a novel in two parts; Book 1 and Book 2

In Book 1, the reader will see the story unfold from Casey’s viewpoint, and the viewpoint of Alicia. The ghost girl.

In Book 2, the reader will, if they choose, read the story as it happened through the eyes of the other characters in the book. I want to include this second Book for two reasons:

Firstly, writing all their diary entries throughout the story helped me, as the author, to ‘get into their heads’ and therefore bring their characters to life more vividly and realistically in Book 1.

Secondly, I want the reader to realise that every story has multiple angles for everyone involved and it’s therefore never a good idea to believe only one side of a story. Also, we all hide things about ourselves because we fear being judged, yet we…

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April 14, 2014

I need to adhere to this….I can hear Lee telling me…

Boy and Girl

April 14, 2014

What a beautiful Blogger!

spending time with LeeBee!

That’s what I am calling my dude now cos he got stung this afternoon! No, I shouldn’t laugh, but it was by far the fucking funniest thing I have ever seen…I will write about it when I can stop crying from laughing. Yes, he’s fine now, don’t worry!

He’s back with me as from this morning! It has been the classic scenario, he gets here and spends time with Mum and Lisa then comes to be my best mate in front of my M&D, (and gets stung by a tiny bee and freaks out like a girl hahahahahahaha!) then goes back home to eat and then back here in the evening to carry on pretending to be my best friend, then climbs the tree circa 1am……..well at least I hope to holy crap he does….later on.

We’ve already had ‘the convo’ about why I can’t just tell my Nazi parents. I’m 18, yes, I know that BeeBoy, (rotfl) but then they wouldn’t give us as much freedom. Think about it. Although, he did say, and I have to admit, I sat and considered this…I could stay at HIS house cos his Mum is cool about us. I mean he’s 20. She trusts him. Unlike my parental prison guards.

But then, mine would forbid me to stay there, so wtf…..and it’s only 5 minutes walk away so my dad would stroll along down and knock on the door. Then Lee’s Mum would be in shit and she works for Dad and needs the money, so then? No. Let’s keep it


just for a laugh:

(and in case you are wondering, yes, I am in fact mildy drunk as I write, at this precise moment in time)

except we don’t belong to anyone else!

Oh I’m laughing so hard right now I think I just dislocated a rib!


Hahaha Annabelle slags me off! Love it!

The Silent Angels

Please read Chapter 2 here:

Annabelle’s Diary~ Sunday August 3rd

So tired. I haven’t slept well at all since I got here, to this pile of stinky bricks that they all seem so fascinated by. It just reeks in every nook and cranny. Totally grossed out.

I’m sitting up against the only patch of wall that’s not being eaten alive by mould and crap knows what insects. I tried to clean this room this morning but it’s far beyond salvation. I tried to find a cleaner one, but no luck. I scrubbed the floor and put all the old furniture and junk outside on the balcony which looked like it was about to cave. Then I tackled the shower room which is two rooms down the corridor from here. Fucking hideous. I will be glad when this two weeks is over and I can go and hibernate…

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This is sooooo Lee! 🙂

The Silent Angels

Please read Chapter 2 here:

Lee’s diary ~Sunday August 3rd

I am lying here by the light of a candle. It’s so quiet up here, all I can hear is the distant hoot of an owl and a gentle breeze caressing the walls before it sings its way through the holes in the window frames. Casey’s eyes are closed but her head is nodding to a silent beat every so often because she’s got her earphones in. We’re all snug under the sleeping bag so I want to write a bit about what has happened since we’ve been here. I just don’t get it some of it.

Yesterday, I swear I saw a girl crouched down on the balcony, looking at me like she had been the one seeing a ghost. I tried to wake Case up to see her too, ‘cos you know how it is when…

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Random fucking rant

April 3, 2014

Why am i surrounded by imbeciles? Blah blah blah everywhere going on as if you are all the centre of the fucking universe like you are the only arshole that deserves to be happy and as if you are fucking surely the only arsehole that deserves to be pissed off. No. You are fucking idiotic you mental fucking two faced gossiping fuckwards. You wastes  of time. Scumbags. Fuck well off away.

Its all about “I” this and I that…I think and I always and I want to and I must say. No you fucking mustnt. Your ‘opinions’ are void. You moron who thinks she has the right to slag off someone who has got rich parents or someone who has got on the surface everything they want! Maybe they havent you dickbrain. Maybe her parents dont give a shit about her or maybe her fucking brother beats and rapes her and mummy gives her a credit card to ‘MAKE UP’ for it. Oh just shut the fuck up.

I sometimes hate this world with its shallow human existence. I am not perfect but at least i tell the fucking truth.