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The Silent Angels


Lead singer Corey Taylor (from Kerrang! July 19, 2008): “This is the slow one. It’s another personal one. Again, not naming names, it’s about someone who helped me through a lot and I thought she felt the same way that I did and then she really let me down. At the same time, it was good that she did, because it was that final push to me figuring out myself. The lyrics are pretty self-explanatory.”

The Silent Angels is part tragic love story, part journey of self awareness. These two merge to deliver a potent trip down the dark deserted lane of unrequited love and the lies and deceit that can exist between best friends when the lies and betrayal are kept in the shadows in order to protect the delicate shell of the friendship group.

The Lyrics:

Bury all your secrets in my skin
Come away with innocence…

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