They are finished! The first 5 cards in the Elemental Angel Oracle Pack

August 5, 2013

My Aunt has asked me to post this on my blog. I think these cards are amazing and they don’t need me to go on about them, they speak for themselves! I’ve got my own set already! Really awesome….

Here’s what she has written in the promotion details:

Ready for orders; the 5 Major Arcana Cards from the ‘Elemental Angel Inspiration Cards’ collection.

These cards have been designed and produced at home totally by my hand. I painted the original images on A4 board in mixed media including acrylics, watercolours, glitter paint and collage.
I then scanned and printed the images to make the cards.
The cards are available in two sizes; 7.5×10.5cm and9.5x14cm.
A PDF file or Word file will be sent with your order giving you an introduction to the cards and suggestions of how they may be used.
Small (7.5×10.5cm) $10.00/£6.50
Standard (9.5×14cm) $15.00/£9.80
+ postage and packing ( depending on destination).
Please message me or email me for ordering and payment details:


The Fronts

Water Element Oracle Card Finished final

Fire Element 5 Oracle Card

Finished Earth element oracle card gaia

Ether Element 1 finished oracle card

Ether Earth and Water

Air Element Angel Oracle Card Finished

Actual Oracle Cards Front

The Backs

Actual Oracle Cards Back

akasha final design darker border

Ether Earth Water back

Finished Air Hina with text

finished fire goddess pele with text 1

finished gaia earth element back titled

ondine scanned 2 titled


These are the 5 Major Arcana. Each Element will have 3 Minor Elements, so there will be 20 cards in a deck. If you would like just these 5 as a set, I can certainly make up the order for you. Alternatively you can wait for the 20 card deck and booklet.

All images are copyright

Serena Grey 2013

Please use the contact form below to contact me or place an order. Payment can be done via Paypal.

Thank you and Bright Goddess Blessings!

4 Responses to “They are finished! The first 5 cards in the Elemental Angel Oracle Pack”

  1. Reblogged this on the nomadic angel and commented:

    Orders being taken as we speak. Thanks for looking!

  2. Geeske Says:

    Beautiful! Love the Earth angel! I found this via pinterest.

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