So I got back home from college at about 4pm and as I always do, I grabbed a coffee from the kitchen and ran upstairs to get to talk with Lee on Skype before he goes to work at 5. But Skype was OFF.

As regular readers (if you exist) of my blog would know, we NEVER switch Skype off and we like to leave it on all the times, including when we sleep. Yes, it’s fucking lame in some people’s eyes, but to us it isn’t because we have to WAIT 6 weeks at a time to see each other in the flesh. Skype off? Fuck off, man. Something had to be very wrong.

I called Lee and he was just on the bus coming up to the stop near the house. I told him Skype was down and he laughed. I was like, NO the fucking thing is DOWN, and he said he would go investigate asap and call me if it was busted or something. 10 minutes later PING and it’s back and there he is, sitting at his desk. I was like, WTF? He said SOMEONE must have gone into his room and switched it off, but he couldn’t find anyone home. I know Chloe spends a lot of time in Lee’s room, but she doesn’t go in there without prior permission. Annabelle is not allowed in there. For this I don’t know, but I’m sure full of glee about it. They must have had words about something lately because for trusting Lee to forbid anyone in his room is unheard of. I think he has started locking it as well because I hear a lachy noise when I am sitting waiting for him and he comes in. None of them locked their doors before except Annabitch. She’s a fucked up mess.

I know it was her who switched Skype off. But why? What’s the damage, bitch? He’s just going to switch it back on you dumbskull.

Anyway we talked as usual and I asked him if it could have been Annabelle. He said possibly but he trusts her not to enter, they made a deal. Why? I ask. Because he gets tired of her invading his space and she follows him around the house. I KNEW IT! She SO wants him! I was a whole gigantic bunch of RIGHT when I suspected that. Fuck. She went in his room today and switched it off!

I then mentioned the fact that I think she’s in love with him and he was like, no case, she isn’t. WHAT? Men are so fucking naive! What the holy of holy fucks?!!!!

How can I prove that she went in his room? How? Help? Anyone?

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I have just found this. I am going to download it and record EVERYTHING. I will find out who is sabotaging our private time!


Weekend wonderful

March 3, 2013

Amazing times! Lee bought a laptop of his own on friday. This means that we can skype 24/7! You know Alex and Ben in the film ‘Paranormal Activity 4’? That’s us this weekend 🙂
He has positoned it so that I can see the whole of his room. I put mine wherever i am at the time cos my attic room is massive. Last night, even though lee went to a party 😦 he left skype on and when he got back at 3am i woke up and we talked for a bit before falling asleep right next to each other. Well it seemed so. I woke up at 10am this morning and he was sleeping. I lay and watched him snoring til he woke up. We went and got breaky and coffee and sat and chatted in our jams. It was cool. We did our college/ uni work together and kept putting work in progress up so we could critique each other’s. Oh maaaan i am loving skype! Right now he’s in one of his friend’s rooms. Michael. I am tired out but at least if i drop off he will be able to see ME asleep. Hope i dont frickin dribble….