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To be really damn honest here, I don’t know WHO reads my blog…and it doesn’t matter THAT much cos it’s a place for me to rant at (oh so many) things that make me CRAZY and just about everyday crap that occurs. None of my friends know I write a blog so it’s kinda safe and I feel free! I’m pretty sure that’s the case for a whole bunch of other Bloggers here as well, but anyways THANKS to these guys, I really appreciate it!

So now I have to do what I have to do….

Here are the Little Rules.

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So here goes!

Here are my nominees (sorry not 15!) I am putting them in categories cos it kind of shows you facets of my personality and therefore you will understand a bit more about me… and also…you can select whichever you like to read based on my descriptions!


General thoughts and diary style blogs

(some of which include rantings and stuff about relationships and similar issues that I blog about):

Avalanche of a Mindset  www.rhairyza.wordpress.com

I Speak Lyrics www.kec98.wordpress.com

Just another Teenage Blogger www.justanotherteenageblogger.wordpress.com

Life from the Queen of Hearts www.lifefromthequeenofhearts.wordpress.com

You are a Wallflower www.youareawallflower.wordpress.com

Primal Night’s www.primalnights.wordpress.com

Thank you all for making me realise I am not alone in feeling fucked up!

Ghosts/Horror & films/Dark Stories

Freaky Folk Tales www.freakyfolktales.wordpress.com

Graveology www.graveOlogy.com

My Life with Ghosts www.mylifewithghosts.com

Spider Goddess www.spidergoddess.wordpress.com (mystic subjects)

Animal Rights:


Now for the bit that makes me cringe!

7 ‘Interesting’ (or not) things about myself:

  • I have got a birth mark on my left butt cheek in the shape (or design!) of a spider’s web and I love it..
  • I am half Greek. My Dad was born in Thessaloniki in the North. I am learning Greek!
  • When I was a toddler I fell into a well that my parents didn’t know existed and I was there for 12 hours. I wasn’t even hurt when they found me. Not a single scratch!
  • I have a ghost girl in my attic bathroom. I see her watching me sometimes.
  • I am an only child. I think that’s why I hate sharing stuff and I am anti~social!
  • I have got a dog called Chester. I love all animals and do NOT eat them or wear them.
  • One of my ambitions is to live on a self sufficient farm in the middle of a forest.

Thanks to everyone who follows me and reads my garbage! 🙂 34705_485251998184137_751667628_n


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Parallel Universes

February 10, 2013

Parallel Worlds (Univers parallèles)

Parallel Worlds (Univers parallèles) (Photo credit: Gilderic Photography)

I was talking to my Aunt last night and she was telling me about her thoughts for a new novel about me. (Heehee!) I won’t go into that now, but we got to talking about her first novelette ‘Abandoned’ which if you have read my page about it, you will know is about me as well. (If you haven’t please read about it here: https://caseyepapadaki.wordpress.com/abandoned-a-haunting-ghostly-tale-about-me/) Anyways, we were discussing the theme of the next book and she mentioned that Abandoned had the theme of Parallel Universes as its main idea. This was based on my ghostly experience during the summer with the derelict house I found in the woods. I don’t feel comfortable talking about it, mainly cos I don’t understand it myself, so if you guys want to know the ‘fictional’ version of events, please read the book! It is true to what happened to me but obviously my Aunt added stuff to make a more interesting story. The stuff with Lee was based on facts as well. I was a dick to him because I judged him.

I digress once again!

So I have been watching youtube documentaries about parallel universes. This one here is the one I am watching now. It has got me to thinking about loads of stuff, mainly that my derelict house experience could have been my contact with a parallel universe. If we go on to think about Doppelgangers and stuff (twins of yourself) it gets creepy. Like, this ghost that I keep seeing in my room. She looks like me. From what I can gather she dresses like me. WTF? I have always been able to talk to my Aunt about this stuff and she has said she wants to base the next book on my encounters with this ghost girl. She wants me to start doing some kind of investigations, like for example leaving a dictaphone on in my room when I’m not there or at night. I really want to do this although it’s a bit scary. I will research some stuff about it today and see what equipment and advice I can find. I have watched tons of paranormal investigation programmes so I have some idea.

This will be interesting!

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