Random fucking rant

April 3, 2014

Why am i surrounded by imbeciles? Blah blah blah everywhere going on as if you are all the centre of the fucking universe like you are the only arshole that deserves to be happy and as if you are fucking surely the only arsehole that deserves to be pissed off. No. You are fucking idiotic you mental fucking two faced gossiping fuckwards. You wastes  of time. Scumbags. Fuck well off away.

Its all about “I” this and I that…I think and I always and I want to and I must say. No you fucking mustnt. Your ‘opinions’ are void. You moron who thinks she has the right to slag off someone who has got rich parents or someone who has got on the surface everything they want! Maybe they havent you dickbrain. Maybe her parents dont give a shit about her or maybe her fucking brother beats and rapes her and mummy gives her a credit card to ‘MAKE UP’ for it. Oh just shut the fuck up.

I sometimes hate this world with its shallow human existence. I am not perfect but at least i tell the fucking truth. 


So I’m still waiting to find out when Lee’s coming home.

I’m starting to think he doesn’t want to.

I’m just in limbo, not knowing when...I can’t make plans because as soon as I do, you can bet your asshole that he’ll suddenly announce he’s coming back and I’ll be in Outer Mongolia or somewhere!

Dimitri wants me to go to Thessaloniki.

Stella wants me to go to her’s.

My Aunt wants to come and see us.

I think Dad would let me go stay with the Greekies if I asked and that would really piss Lee off (well, I hope it would). Not playing games or anything….I can say what I want on my blog here cos no one is going to read it except for people I don’t know and especially not Lee.

I feel like shit and my evil heart wants to make him feel bad too.

I know that’s wrong but I feel massively cheated.

M&D are fed up with me moping around upstairs and Dad wants me to go work in the surgery. WTF. On reception!

Oh my life………..