You see, I am learning Greek quite fast! I have started to practice the alphabet and writing the letters. It seems to come easily, I guess it’s genetic. Dad’s really happy and so is Y&P. I really want to be able to communicate with them properly someday.

So last night, Dimitri shouted across at me from his balcony and I parked my chair at the end of my balcony. His balcony almost touches mine so it was like I was in there. There were 5 guys all playing guitar and singing. They kept passing me bottles of beers (Mythos..I love it) and I got a bit drunk hahaha. They played mostly Greek songs and Dimitri kept reminding them that I didn’t really understand so they would play some stuff I knew. Led Zeppelin was popular with them and some Nirvana which I sang along to pretty loudly! I kept expecting someone to come out and bollock us for being loud but of course this is Greece. No one seems to give a shit although Dad said he could hear them and that the ‘noise’ stopped at about 3am. Whoops! Greek boys are fricking sexy I have to say at this point. One of them, I think he was called Kostas, kept staring at me and spent most of the evening singing AT me, I could tell. He was really cute. I think I like the dark skin and hair. Hahaa. Lee is dark as well but he has got fair skin.

They taught me some words that apparently I need to know…like Malakas WANKER……hahahaha! And how to say Fuck you which is Gamisoo….they said it a lot to each other as well as Malaka and I kept laughing. Apparently it’s normal and friendly, wtf ok then! I said to Dimitri, if this isn’t arguing I wanna see what you’re like when you’re really pissed with each other..he thought it was funny and said that it’s pretty ugly. They kept doing a hand gesture that I love as well…hand in your face, like NAAH! You’re an idiot and need to shut up type of thing….Oh I love it.

So today I went out with the oldies and we went for another walk (a TOO SHORT walk!) around the city. I just love it so much!   Dad told me that there was a massive fire and that the city centre was designed by a French architect after that. It is really beautiful. The buildings are mixed up like you get modern ones sandwiched in between an ancient church and a french style one. There are also LOADS of abandoned ones as well. I was standing there just staring up and Dad had to drag me away. I really REALLY want to go out and explore ON MY OWN. I don’t think Dad will let that happen. Fuck it…Gamisoo!

I had given Dimitri my number to call me so we could go out for a coffee. BUT he called me whilst I was out with the oldies and I told Dad and he was like, oh let’s all go for a coffee down the port area………WTF? Y&P wanted to as well so I had to EMBARRASSINGLY tell Dimitri. Thing is he was cool about it. What is it with young people that they LIKE adult company? I was a bit pissed off but what could I do? Dad told him where we were gonna be and we met him there. I had ordered a normal coffee (ena Ness!) but when Dimitri got there he ordered a Frappe! When it came I was like WHAT? It’s cold coffee in a tall glass and it looks like it’s got a massive head on it. He let me try and and WOAHHHH it’s amazing. He then said why don’t I order one and I thought hmmmm so I said to him, let’s go somewhere else and I’ll order one there. I think he got the hint and we stuck around for another 20 minutes and then excused ourselves. M&D gave me looks as if to say DON’T YOU DARE do anything..but Yiayia was like, nudging Dad and getting all excited making a shooing gesture with her hand. She was saying that Dimitri is a good kid (kalo paythee) and that I would be ok with him. Yiayia I love you! AGAPI MOO! (My love!)

So we walked down the port area towards the White Tower (which I have to say isn’t white hahaha) and Dimitri told me all about Manchester and how he settled in and where he goes out etc. I told him my plans for Uni and he was really interested in my Art work and what I do with my clothes! We then talked about how hard it is for me with Lee being so far away and stuff. Get this though. His girlfriend is studying in Athens! OMG how crap! He hardly ever sees her, like this Easter for example, she has to spend it with her family in somewhere called…I can’t remember…something like Serress? It’s not far from Thessaloniki but they hardly see each other cos then he goes back to UK. I think the summer will be their time. I can’t imagine that shit.

We sat at a cafe outdoors at the end of the port area opposite the White Tower and I ordered my own Frappe! I am properly drinking this for ever now! Dimitri was impressed cos I asked him how to order it and I apparently said it perfectly: Thelo ena frappe gliko me gala (I want a sweet Frappe with milk) CHECK ME OUT!

We had a fun time there, he was teaching me some phrase that I can’t remember now…too many, my brain is overloaded! And that guy knows SO many people! Girls and guys would walk past and they would stop and kiss him like two or three times on the cheek or do a kind of high five thing (boys) and talk for ages, all animated like they were on a high. I so wished I could join in and talk as well, I felt like a dick. He was very polite and told all of them my name. So sweet. One girl stopped for a bit and had a coffee as well. She spoke really good English and asked me some stuff. Her name was Popi. She seemed quite er…how can I say it…over dramatic? I dunno…a bit egotistical and the way she was flicking her hair around got on my nerves. She had too much perfume on and exceptionally high heeled shoes……I wasn’t jealous…no, I have defo decided I wasn’t..I don’t know, just something about her. She seemed fake. Is that a Greek girl trait?

I jokingly said to Dimitri that she was flirting with him and he was like, no…..he said that most Greek girls like attention and flirt continuously. He seemed quite down on them in general. He said that they are difficult to read and like to play mind games. I asked him about his girlfriend (called Alexandra) and he said that she is a rocker with pink hair and Doc martens. She doesn’t go in for all that crap. Ha! He said that Thessaloniki girls are generally more down to earth and alternative thinking, whereas girls from Athens and the islands are the mind players. Interesting! He likes to stereotype, but who am I to say….

So we got the bus back and we said goodbye in the corridor…..and he frickin kissed me on the cheeks…three times I think. But I KNOW it’s normal here..hmmm I do find him really attractive though…NO NO Casey stop!!!

Here are some photos:

Kostas friend of Casey

Dimitri with his cheeky grin after laughing at me trying to repeat phrases to him in Greek!

images (4)

where I walked with the oldies, not far from the port area.

images (3)




And some abandoned buildings!



actually this isn’t, but it’s gorgeous anyways!


I can’t wait for tomorrow!



Well, what an experience. I am sitting in my little room with my own bathroom and kitchen area, my Yiayia and Papous are sleeping in their apartment next door (it’s called ipnaki-little sleep) after our massive meal (again). I would seriously be the size of a house in no time at all if I lived here!

There’s sooooooooo much to write about!

Mum and Dad have gone out for a walk. I decided to stay in and write my blog and see if Lee is around. He’s not. He is at work as I knew but I had to check. I miss him so much. We haven’t seen each other since I left, on Skype I mean, cos of a few factors, mainly that I haven’t been able to get online til this afternoon. ‘Greekgran’ and Papous haven’t got internet connection so I have been calling Lee on my mobile before sleep. I am 2 hours ahead of him now so luckily he has finished work by the time I call at about 12 UK time (2am here haha!) It’s really nice here. Y&P have only got 2 bedrooms now as they have made one of their smaller bedrooms into a dining area. When my Dad lived here, there was him and his sister as well. (She is coming on Saturday, Sofia is her name. I met her once when she came to visit us but I can’t really remember her). Now M&D are in the only spare room but Y&P own a little studio next door which in Greek is called a ‘Garconiera’. They used to rent it out but haven’t had a tenant in there for a few months. Yiayia said I may as well sleep there as the sofa is a bit uncomfortable in the apartment. I am so glad cos I get my space (to Skype/talk to Lee) and go to bed/get up what time I want and Yiayia has put some coffee (fuck it’s STRONG!) in here and some stuff for breaky (hard rings of bread with sesame seeds on. I can’t remember what they are called but I love them).



I have also got a little balcony. I want to stay here forever! The evenings have been really mild and I have been sitting out on a little chair and listening to the city streets below and the Greeks being loud. They are soooo noisy. I can also see into other people’s apartments cos the streets are narrow around here. I love it! I wish Lee was here. I took this and put it in black and white cos it suits the vibe of this city…

images (6)

So anyways I am able to be online thanks to a new friend of mine called Dimitri. He lives next door and we bumped into each other in the lift yesterday when I was with the oldies. He spoke to Yiayia and Papous (from now on Y&P) and said Hi to me and after he got out downstairs, my Dad translated from what Yiayia said that he is a good kid who always helps Y&P out when they need. I get the impression that Greek kids are much more respectful of old people than we are in UK. I have seen kids help old people across the roads and they speak to them in respectful ways from what I can tell. I don’t know what anyone is saying, I have to admit, they all talk so frickin fast! He did come in later and we talked for a bit. Get this…..He is studying Business and Finance at Manchester Uni! Not far at all from where I live. He is home for Easter hols as it’s a big celebration here. He said he’s pretty busy this week but offered to take me out to see some sites and go for a drink with his friends. Fucking Dad was quick to point out I am not yet 18! OMG! Anyways we have arranged to go out tomorrow for a coffee at the port front where all the bars and cafes are. I can’t wait. Just as mates though, however gorgeous he is. And he really is! Oh yeh…he gave me his key code or whatever for his internet so I hooked up to his. At 7 o’clock, Dimitri told me that he is gonna be on his balcony with some mates of his jamming! So basically I can sit on my balcony and his is right next to mine so I can sit right at the end and join in. There isn’t much privacy living in a block of apartments like this one. Totally the opposite to my attic room!

So what have we done so far.

It was awesome on Tuesday cos Pops took me to the airport at stupid o’clock to get my 6:30am flight. I was monged out to fuck and didn’t wake up properly til I landed in Thessaloniki. It was then about 11:30 being 2 hours ahead of Uk and it was pretty warm when I got off the plane. Dead weird was the sense of bustle…I can’t explain it well, just that Greeks seem to be really loud and over the top. All I could hear was this weird language and like they were all arguing. I have realised that they are not though…well most of the time anyway!

images (1)

I got this off the internet..just to show how Thessaloniki is written in Greek letters.

Dad was there with Papous and Mum in his ancient car. I couldn’t believe it! Paps was talking non stop and poor Mum was just shrugging her shoulders at me as she didn’t understand a fucking word they were saying. Paps seemed ace and kept Dad busy asking me stuff through him. He LIKES my blue hair! Suck on THAT Mum and Dad who told me to wash it out before I came here cos they were conventional the Greeks. Yeh ok. Do you know how many colours of hair I’ve seen and I’ve only been here a few days! Shut up dad…….

We drove towards the city and I was quite surprised by all the high rises…but somehow they are NICE not like in UK. Y&P live in an area East of the city centre which is quite modern compared to the centre itself. I love the city centre by the way. We went yesterday. It’s just BEAUTIFUL. I’d call it shabby chic…just the right place for a rock music video or a horror film. I have got some photos but they aren’t great. I will put them at the end of this post.

So then we get to the apartment block and go up in the retro lift to the 5th floor. How much do I love this building? I could hear weird music coming from behind the doors I guessed it was traditional Greek. It made me feel like I was back in time. Oh my God I love it! I will post some Greek music as well.

Yiayia. Well I fell in love with her the moment I saw her! She is tiny and has got the strongest hug ever! She wouldn’t let me breath and she was saying stuff to me and stroking my face, then she started crying! Dad translated and she was saying stuff like I was her flower and her heart! Oh my God. We sat on the balcony and she made us Greek coffee which I nearly choked on it was so strong, and Yiayia did not stop to breath I swear down. Mum was just sat there smiling and trying to understand. Paps was quiet but he was smiling at me the whole time. I got the distinct impression that the women are the dominant forces in a Greek household. Go Yiayia! She kept calling me ‘Paythee moo’ (that’s what it sounds like) and it means ‘my child’ and also ‘kartheea moo’ MY HEART. I love both of them! She kept bringing out mounds of homemade biscuits. I felt fucking sick by 1 o’clock and then she announced it was time to eat! WTF now? Hahahaha.

THE FOOD WAS AMAZING! Dad had already explained that I don’t eat meat, which they couldn’t understand at all. I tried to get Dad to explain but it seemed to fall on dead ears that I love animals and don’t want to eat them. Dad explained to me that in Greece it’s not really understood. There was so much lamb on that table that I thought I would throw up at one point, but Mum kept nudging me under the table as if to say, try not to look so disgusted. I ate a lot though…some FUCKING AMAZING things called Dolmathakia which are leaves stuffed with rice. I know it sounds gross but believe me it’s SCRUMMY.


Also Yiayia, bless her, made stuffed tomatoes and peppers (with rice in) oh MAN, and also THE most delicious roast potatoes I have EVER tasted.

download (1)


Greek food. YEH BABY! And then the sweets. Well, you can imagine! I seriously thought I was gonna explode all over the dining room.

Then it was nap time for Y&P and so first her and Dad showed me the garconiera. I was well pleased with it! Here’s a photo of the bed area. Look you can see my lap top there on the bed. And no, that’s NOT my big soft bear there, it was DAD’s!!!! And you can see Dad’s school books and stuff in the old bookcase. If you turn from this view to the right there’s the door to the bathroom and the room opens out with a sofa and kitchen bit with big doors on to the balcony. It’s got a cute oven that sits on top of the work surface with 3 rings on the top of it. Yiayia showed me how to make the Greek coffee for my wake up. I boil it IN a metal jug on the hob! That TV is ace as well. So old. Lots of channels with Greeks talking too fast for comprehension, but I found a film last night in English with the weird Greek subtitles along the bottom. I really really want to learn this amazing language.

tumblr_m89341HUmx1qbqu46o1_1280 (2)


oh Dad’s calling me (well knocking on the wall and now he’s on the balcony next door calling me)….I’ll be back….




November 24, 2012

English: A 'floral' or 'goddess' pentagram - v...

English: A ‘floral’ or ‘goddess’ pentagram – variant form of geometric pentagram, and an example of a ‘hidden’ pentagram. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mum has really pissed me off. Amongst a million other things in my life that are PISSING me off right now, this broke the frickin camel’s back.

She told me to take off my Pentagram.

Now, for one thing, I never ever tell her or Dad to take off their ‘Christian’ crosses even though the cross was around long before Christianity was. It’s a Pagan symbol that once represented the four seasons, the four natural elements and the circle it was in was like the whole of everything in one. OMG I have just found this article on it, I won;t say which website it came from but look at what it says:

”The pagan cross symbol was “Christianized” into mainstream Christianity. But God’s one true Church has never done this. It has always seen the cross symbol for what it is—pagan! The Bible clearly teaches that God’s people must not practice or tolerate any pagan ways, customs, traditions or practices (Deut. 7:1-6Jer. 10:1-5Rev. 18:1-4).”

Oh so what is wearing the cross then? Isn’t that a Pagan practice? IT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE!

I get angry with my Mum as she has taken on Dad’s beliefs. He’s a Greek orthodox and says that it is very very important to the Greeks, but then why did Mum have to be indoctrinated? I’m not sure of her beliefs but in order to marry Dad she had to be baptised as an Orthodox! What???? Anyways, I get angry that she has to get up at stupid o’clock on a Sunday EVERY Sunday, to go with Dad when she doesn’t even really believe in it. If she did she would have already been pissing Orthodox, right?

Thing is, I don’t go around saying these things, even though they make me really rage. I don’t sit there and go on about the hypocrisy of  religion and how many wars it has caused in the world, even though it’s all about ‘LOVE’ thy neighbour. It’s a sham, in my opinion, but what I’m saying is, I respect them and everyone else who goes to church or whatever. So WHY can’t I wear the symbol that I choose?

”It’s the symbol of Satan.” OH MUM. MUM. YOU ARE SO WRONG.

Here it is, the article I am going to print out and show her:

Here are some interesting titbits taken from it:

”The circle around a pentagram is a symbol of “unity, wholeness, infinity, the goddess, and protection. To earth-centered religions throughout history as well as to many contemporary pagans, it represents the feminine spirit or force, the cosmos or a spiritualism Mother Earth, and a sacred space.[citation needed]The five-pointed star is representative of the four primal elements (earth, air, fire and water), and traditionally a fifth, called spirit. The circle binds them together to create life. When pointing up, the pentagram can represent spirituality’s dominance over the material (pentagram) bound inside the laws of the cosmos (circle). The upside-down facing pentagram, meanwhile, represents the physical world ruling over the spiritual, and has therefore been associated with dark magic. Other sources point to its origin in Chinese five-element philosophy (see feng shui), as the natural balance between fire, water, earth, wood, and metal. This theory states that the direction it is pointing has nothing to do with good or evil, but rather the upside-down facing circle is for banishing. The circle is again for the concept the power within is bound by, this time for the circle of life.”

English: A circumscribed pentagram.

English: A circumscribed pentagram. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(Not sure if I’m allowed to paste in from Wikipedia? SORRY if I’m not but you could all see it there in the link anyways).

I haven’t taken it off and I won’t. She said that she doesn’t want to see me with it on. Ok then, I’ll stay out of your way, I don’t care.

When they go to their Church in the morning, I will go to mine. The woods. We all came from the Earth and that is where I feel at home.


Welcome to my world………

October 31, 2012

My name is Casey.

I am 17 years old and my life is somewhat disfigured. I need a place to vent. This journal, I hope, will be the perfect place. I also hope I find some kindred spirits out there in the cyber world, people who share my passions and views. Please comment on my posts and add me to your reading list.

I lived with my parents in a town called Rechford, somewhere in the midlands (That’s England, by the way) until recently. We moved in the summer and that was one traumatic deal right there. I live in the country now with my parents. I will tell that story some time, believe me, it’s well weird. I don’t want to go into it just yet. It’s still raw.

I am an only child and prefer it that way; although sometimes I dream about having an older brother to keep me on the straight and narrow…(MY straight and narrow, not society’s straight and narrow) to teach me the ways of the world and how to survive without imploding….without being consumed by fear of the dark. Fear of the unknown. Fear of living in shadows.

I sometimes feel that I am stepping into the afterlife, like everyone else around me is living and I am not. I am floating alongside them, eavesdropping on snippets of conversation, scoffing at their moronic pastimes and interests. I hate being different but I love it too, I wouldn’t change it for the world…whose world? Mine? Theirs? I don’t belong in either.

My parents don’t really get me, but since the move things have started to look up as far as our relationship. We don’t fight as much now at least. My Dad, Theo is a Doctor. I have to put that in cos his name is hilarious. THEODOROS!! He’s Greek, born in a place called Thessaloniki. He came to England to study and met my mum so he stayed. He’s got a weird accent that I love to impersonate, but apart from that you’d never guess he wasn’t English. This makes me half Greek, but to be honest it has never figured in my life much. Except my surname, Papadaki, which gets some sniggers sometimes.  He worked in Rechford in a practice that he opened with his brother, my Uncle Leo. Now he’s got his own surgery in the ‘village’ and he’s the only Doctor for quite a distance around. My Mum doesn’t work as such, but she spends a lot of time at the surgery so she must be helping him out with admin or something. I spend most of my time in my room listening to music, sketching or chatting to friends online or on the phone.

College is ok, but I hated most subjects at school so I have more bad days than good. I can’t stand sitting there I get restless and bored easily. I am not a rebel, I don’t talk back at the teachers or anything, I just sit there daydreaming or doodling in my sketchbook. Art is my favourite and I like my Art teacher, Ms Stevens. I think she gets me, but she doesn’t single me out as her pet or anything. I also love my English and Theatre Studies classes. My grades are excellent in these subjects and that’s cool. I want to pursue some kind of creative career but I don’t want to be a wage slave either. No way.

Stella is my best bud. She’s into the the same music as me and we love to hate fashion. Her mum is a Tailor so she has taught her how to make clothes. I started learning as well but didn’t have the patience so I just adapt existing clothes or find my stuff online. Going down the High Street to shop is my idea of hell……! She lives in Rechford so we don’t see each other much. She has been to stay over half term but had to go visit relatives so it was short and sweet. I miss her but we skype all the time.

My other friend is Lee. I say friend because I don’t really know what’s going on between us at the mo. He’s from here, in this village and we met in the summer when all that crazy shit happened to me. He’s at Art college in London. I thought I would actually die the day he left, but I know he really likes me, he tells me all the time. Thing is…well, I have kind of taken a step back from him lately. He didn’t come back over half term, the first chance he’s had to see me since he left. He’s been busy with some project. I get it but still…he emails me every day, and we talk every night so I’m not worried. He keeps mentioning some girl on his course though..Annabelle. It cuts me up inside to think about him and her but I have to be realistic I guess. On the other hand I can’t help hating her.

Enough of that for now. It kills me.

Kurt Kobain is my musical hero amongst others. I have quite a few. My passion is rock, punk  and grunge music, (and the clothes, hair, looks that go with it) but I also love ‘atmospheric indie’ as Stella calls it. You know, like Editors, Placebo and such. There are so many tracks on my ipod it’s crazy. I don’t know where I would be without my music and my sketchbooks. Lee can play some epic tunes on his guitar. My voice is a bit crap but we have fun singing.

Musical faves, just to pluck a few out the air: Paramore, Nirvana, Bush, Staind, Muse, Led Zep, Alice in Chains, 9 Inch Nails, Doors, God Machine, The Dirty Youth, Takida, System of a Down, Incubus, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins……….

I am seeing a guy called Phil at the moment, well, everyone calls him Pots. I don’t generally like many boys, they p*** me off with their macho attitude and moronic behaviour. Phil’s ok, although we don’t see each other at all out of school as he lives in Wheaton which is at least 10 miles away. Mum and Dad don’t know about him so I can’t ask them to give me lifts to see him. I can’t say he’s Stella’s brother or anything cos my Dad knows Stella’s Dad through work so he would know I was bulls******g. To be honest I can’t really be arsed with him most of the time. He plays football and a lot of video games which bore me. (***UPDATE I AM NO LONGER SEEING THAT DICK) I would rather be outside exploring the countryside like I did with Lee, listening to my music. I would love to find a Paranormal investigation group that explores haunted locations. Stella gets scared easily so she wouldn’t come. She’s a bit of a girl when it comes to dark stuff, but that’s ok. I like having my own weird interests. I miss Lee.

I saw a ghost once, although of course no one believes me. I was walking home from school and I turned into a darkened passageway. I don’t know why, something just pulled me into it. I was a bit scared, not of seeing something ghostly, more of weirdos hanging around there, but there was no one. As I was turning to walk ahead again I saw, from the corner of my eye, a dark shadow appear against the wall of the passageway. I looked and for a split second a figure emerged. It wasn’t in Victorian dress or anything that stereotypical, it looked like it was wearing jeans to be honest. I think it was a girl about my age as it had long hair. I was about to shout hey, when it just turned and walked into the passageway wall. I swear it was a girl. I have never forgotten it and I’ve even drawn it. I will post it on here at some point.

Meat is Murder.

I’d always wished for a dog but as we lived in a flat, it was unfair. Now I’ve got one! (One good thing about ‘the move’ ). His name is Chester and he’s a beige coloured Lab. I may not like humans much in general, but animals I love and respect. He’s sooooooo cute. He’s growing up way too fast though. He’s lost that puppy look but I LOVE HIM.

Anyway I am rambling! I have to call Stella and Lee then Skype with Pots, so I will leave this blog for tonight. It feels good to write without restriction and with the knowing that people will (hopefully) read what I say. Rant, rant, rant! Expect a lot of that!

Here’s Kurt: