By the way, I am referring to the ‘Christian’ version of Christmas. In fact, I believe what it discussed on the Zeitgeist movie; 21st December is the day when the sun is reborn and thus a new year begins. NOT the son of God. The actual SUN that is in our sky and gives life…and without it we would die. THAT one. So in fact, according to my own beliefs, 5 days to go. But anyways….

Urrgh. I feel like shit. Fuzzy head, sore throat, aching limbs. Frickin hideous. I keep thinking, not long to go til I get to see Lee again!

Thing is:

a). Annabelle is probably coming. Ruination! Will she try and drag her visit out? Has she got ulterior motives? Does she want Lee? (Who the hell wouldn’t??!!!)

b). My Grandparents are coming. My mum’s parents, not my Dad’s. I wish my Dad’s parents were coming I have only met them once cos they live in Salonika, Greece. My mum and dad have been quite a few times, but the problem is that mum can’t speak Greek and they can’t speak English! Apparently dad tried to teach mum some phrases, but she fricked it up when she tried to say ‘good morning’ to them she said ‘kalamari’ which is squid! Hahahahahahah!!! She should have said ‘Kalimera’ I am getting to be quite curious about my foreign roots! My Dad gave me a book called The Thread by Victoria Heslop. It’s pretty good. He says it will tell me a bit about where he comes from. I have read like, two pages, my brain is mashed, remember!? :(. Anyhow the point is, I will be expected to hang out at home while they are here. RUINATION. I hope it’s not for too long. Make it when Annabelle is here? That would be tooooooo good to be true though. Errr no! I don’t want her flirting and swishing her blue dreadlocks around while I’m not there. Yes, but she’s always with Lee in London. COME ON CASEY GET A GRIP!

c). I get all happy and dizzy when he comes (Sunday- a week today!) but when he leaves I cry for days and just want to get in bed and pull the duvet over my head and ignore the world. Which usually is what ends up happening.

Anyways. Mum has just brought me some garlic bread. I would usually have devoured it before she had a chance to put it on my plate, but right now, I’m like, blurghhh. Look here it is……oh crap.