casey makep

Casey Evie Papadaki 18 years old

Half Greek, Vegetarian, Rocker, dark soul, artist, animal lover, only child, horror movie fan, ghost watcher, abandoned buildings explorer, loner, good friend, bad enemy, impatient, impulsive, tree hugger, cloud gazer……

Welcome to my world….

Favourite bands: System of a Down, Paramore, Nirvana, Panic! Staind…you get the angle.

Favourite Films/ TV: The Crow, Paranormal Activity, The Possession, American Horror Story.

Enjoyed activities: Writing, painting, making clothes (upcycling), URBEX, Paranormal, reading, movies.

Ambitions: Travel to Russia, France, Greece (lots more). Go to Uni in London. Career~ Theatre Design or something arty.

Rants: People who pretend to be someone they are not, carnivores who take the piss out of me (for being vegetarian), people who think Pagans are devil worshippers, people throwing litter down, sheeple who go along with the majority because they are afraid of being individuals.




goth, hippy, grungy…I don’t like labels. I am a mixture of all these and more


I am a loner. I will take my time to decide about you. If I love you I will love you with passion. If I don’t like you, best keep well away!


People talk too much bullshit

images (5)

this is my beautiful dog, Chester. He’s my best bud

This is my oldest best bud Stella with Chrissie. (I absolutely hate having my photo taken so I’m the one taking this)

And this is a sketch I did of Lee this summer. (Closest bud of ALL. Wish it was more!) *UPDATE! He is now my boyfriend***Not great, but hey. He won’t let me take his photo so I have to make do with staring longingly at this sketch. 😦

UPDATE! Here’s a pic of Lee he sent me recently:




one of my many sketchbook covers

some of my favourite films but there are WAY more than this

This is how I feel most of the time………

I LOVE sleep but I dream of weird shit most nights and end up awake for most of it


I am crazy…….


I’m really into Paranormal stuff and all things Etheral

images (83)

This is how I dress most of the time


This is a big lesson I have learnt in my life (thanks to Lee)


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**Please note! TheNomadicAngel is my Aunt. She was showing me her blog (of the same name) and she let me start and it’s attached to her blog! Just to get rid of any confusion! She writes stories about me and she’s cool. I look up to her. She’s the only adult I respect. ***


18 Responses to “About Me”

  1. ConfusedTeen Says:

    I was reading and I saw “wish he were more” and then “update: he is now my boyfriend” and my silly teenager heart went YAAAAAAAY! Damn you, feelings. Love your blog!

    • Oh wow yeh…my silly teenage heart had to go back and write that in after it happened! It was a long road but me and him got there in the end. Thank you for reading and for being kind about my blog!

  2. C. Says:

    ❤ I love your blog and thank you for what you said about your long distance relationship experience. wish you two all the best and I really like the idea about letting skype on for some time…

    • Oh thank you. I dont know who (if anyone!) Reads my blog so its really nice when someone says they like it. I read back and think uggghh dull!
      It is hard because we are in many ways, opposites. He is trusting and I am not….he is loyal and I get flirtatious urges ….he is patient and can rationalise it when we wont see each other for months whereas I just sulk and waste the time apart because I am depressed.
      Its worth all the shit when we finally get to spend time together. Its quality and we always make an effort to do soecial things. My friends dont seem to do that with their boyfriends, they take them for granted. Are you in a long distancs relationship? 😉

    • Oh and we havent actually turned skype off since october..

      • Coco Says:

        Oh wow, that’s cool! 🙂 And btw probably he thinks you are more loyal and patient and so on. But I get you, it’s not easy at all. Is there a chance one of you move to the other in the next time? I think I read sth about you wanting to go to his uni!?

        No, Im not. I wanted to, at least try it, but he didn’t, so yeah, like you said, I thought it would be difficult, but to me it was worth it. That’s what I wanted to say with my post (‘But I’m brave, because I accepted my feelings for someone living hundreds of miles away and tried to hold onto them. I’m strong because I fought for it even though I lost. And I’m happy because I know I found love. Just for the moment, but even this short time made feel so grateful, so glad. Of course I’m sorry for him not being as brave and strong, but I try to be happy.’)
        I don’t know if I can say it that way, that’s just how I feel. 🙂

  3. Oh my…that sounds horrifying. You have probably read my blog before I got with Lee as his g/friend..I felt so crap ALL the time,so I can only imagine how bad it was (is?) for you to not be with this guy. I know someone who was in deep love with someone long distance for about 2 years and they said they loved her too but couldn’t be with her due to the distance! She said that someone who won’t be with her despite that set back isn’t worth her love and devotion, and there are and will be guys who WILL do anything to be your boyfriend!
    I get you though…it’s so tough.
    Yeh I want to go to the same Uni but tbh as long as I am within the same city as him it’s ok. His Uni is very good and I don’t know if I will be able to get in there but London has a lot of courses so we will see. I don’t know if he fully trusts me, but he doesn’t say anything. I have got a lot of boys/guys who are friends and I admit to him that one in particular flirts with me. he (thank god) is mature enough to realise I wouldn’t dump him for the other guy! 🙂

    • Coco Says:

      OMG, I just wanted to read your about page once more and then I suddenly saw your reply to our texts before! I don’t know how I could miss it but I promise it’s the first time I just read it.. I must have seem like a complete bitch to not reply to your so lovely answer. I’m sorry, I really didn’t saw it:-(
      However, thank you so much. My recent posts were about him again, I thought about him much in the last days as it was our time now one year ago and even though I really moved on in the time between that, I’m kind of falling back right not, damn.
      I’m still sure you’ll make it to London and Lee:-) hope your fine, I now will answer to the other comments from you and hopefully won’t miss one again..

      • I can totally imagine how you would find it hard NOT to fall back into it. It must be so hard! Any time you want to talk (typetalk!?) I am here….although the coming week will be busier than normal 🙂
        And no, I didn’t think you were a bitch. You seem lovely! I have done the same before, not noticed someone’s answer. No worries! 🙂

  4. Coco Says:

    I love your blog and how we became friends. So I nomated you for an award 🙂 Hope you like it!

  5. lizzab Says:

    OMG I love your blog!!!

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