I have always loved abandoned and derelict buildings. Don’t ask me why. I just find them fascinating with their lost stories, the lives that they once sheltered and the spirits that may still reside in the walls.
When I moved in the summer of 2012, it was the boredom of leaving my friends behind and my curiosity to find any snippet of excitement in the countryside that was to become my home, that led me to the house in the woods. I went there loads of times. In fact it became like an obsession to me. I explored it from top to bottom and found some very weird and dark things in there. The strangest thing about this house was that it resembled my house almost exactly. It could have been my house. (Coincidence number 1), except for one major difference. It had been burned.
I also found some objects in the attic area. As you know (if you read my blog), Dad had the attic converted for me before we moved here. This one wasn’t a bedroom but it had things left in it that suggested someone had used it as a den or hang out place. One of them was a doll. Coincidence number 2~ it was almost exactly the same as a doll I had when I was younger. Then there was the broken CD case of an old Paramore album. My favourite band. The weirdest coincidence of all!
And I swear I saw some weird shadows. That’ll teach me to go places at twilight. I am very sensitive to things like spirits. Read my blog, I have a ghost in my bathroom for crying out loud….
So anyways. To cut a long story short, during this time my Aunt came to stay. I have always got along with her cos she’s a rocker and also likes horror movies and paranormal stuff. I told her about the house and we went together one night. She got really freaked out but loved it. She said there was a great plot to a story in what was going on and it started as a laugh, but in the end I agreed that she could write it and use me as the main character.
She also needed a sub-plot so I agreed to let her use my idiotic behaviour towards Lee. Now, I don’t want to disclose what I did. It’s embarrassing, let’s just say I completely and utterly misjudged him due to my own stupid stereotypes. You’ll have to read the book because it’s woven in cleverly with the main plot and does kind of explain what a dick I was!
Oh and yes, if you read it, I was that spoiled bitch back then. I hope I’m not so much now. I am trying. The same with the judgemental cow inside of me. Hey, no one’s perfect!
My Aunt has published it on LULU and Amazon Kindle. It’s called ABANDONED which I think is a great title. It describes the house and how I was feeling when we moved here. Please check it out and if you would like to read it and you haven’t got a Kindle, you can email my Aunt and get the script sent to your email for the same price.

Here’s the first Chapter free of charge. The links to LULU and Amazon are below if you like to buy the whole novelette.

Chapter 1

Something isn’t right here

June 5th~11.35am

Casey hurled her phone towards the pile of crumpled clothes in the corner of her room. Angrily, she chose the loudest rock song she could find on her track list and snatched the earphones from her bedside table. Her best friend Stella wasn’t picking up and she really needed to talk to someone. Closing her eyes, she pushed the earphones into her ears and let herself fall back onto the unmade bed. Loud music always helped her block out the world around her and today she didn’t want to be aware of anything or anyone at all.

She hated the new house they had recently moved into. It wasn’t as much the house itself, just the dread of what she would do all summer without her friends who were now hundreds of miles away. She had already seen the nearest neighbours, who were at least ten minute walk away, sitting on their lawn listening to severely irritating chart hits. The girl, who was probably a year or so younger than Casey, seemed to her to be a bit dull in her floral dress and silly sandals. The boy, as far as she could remember, was about eighteen although it had been difficult to tell, not having stuck around long enough to catch their attention. There was no way that she was going to waste her time even talking to them as they obviously had nothing in common. She could hear mother’s insistently gabbing voice in her head now, ‘Why don’t you go and make friends with Lisa and Lee, love? Lee’s only a year or so older than you! And their parents are so nice, they came to welcome us to the village yesterday…’

‘Nice’. How bland. Her mother was disillusioned if she thought for one single second that she would hang out with them. It just proved to her that her parents didn’t understand a thing about their own daughter. They were too busy fussing around all her father’s new patients at the clinic and trying too hard to make friends with everyone. What about her? Did they care about her at all? Had they bothered asking her opinion as to whether she wanted to move or not? No. Plain and simple. Anyway, she didn’t need them. She didn’t need anyone.

Her Doc Marten boots felt heavy from trudging around in the woodland behind the house. They had left a muddy, wet line smudged across the pillowcase. She kicked the pillow and scraped her foot along it, spreading the mud even further. Her mother would kill her but she didn’t care.

She hung herself over the side of the bed, feeling the blood pumping in her temples. Twisting her head a little, she could just see dim outlines of boxes and junk under the bed, some of the things she hadn’t even taken out of the boxes.  There was the games console that her parents had given her when they moved. She didn’t want more things, she just craved someone to talk to, someone that understood her. She flipped over onto her stomach to reach further underneath and suddenly her hand touched something soft, something like wool. She laughed out loud as she pulled out Eliza by her hair. She thought her mother had thrown her out ages before they moved saying as always that she looked evil and manky. But here was the doll she had made all by herself from scraps of clothes and old socks. She pressed Eliza’s dusty hair against her cheek and felt strangely comforted. She sat up and arranged Eliza so she perched, lifelike on the edge of the bedside table, her striped, lanky legs bent up towards her chest.

‘Hi Eliza,’ Casey whispered, pulling some fluff out of her bright yellow hair, ‘I missed you. I guess it’s just you and me now.’

Casey stared at Eliza’s huge, uneven eyes that were outlined in thick black acrylic paint. She had hated all the other dolls that relatives had given her throughout the years. Stereotypical bodies and faces of ‘beauty’ that everyone was expected to adhere to. She had always preferred the misfits, the ones who were considered ugly for it would be them that came through as the strong ones, the ones who had good hearts and more than one brain cell in their heads.

Suddenly, Casey’s eyes went blurred and a she swayed a little, overbalancing for a second. A feeling of unease gripped her chest as she tried to focus on Eliza. She turned down the volume of the Nirvana song and shook her head to try and clear it. Kneeling on the bed, she looked back at Eliza and what she saw sent a hot blazing stabbing sensation into her chest. She drew a breath but her lungs felt tight, too tight to breathe at all.

Eliza had moved.

Her legs were hanging down now, but not limply as a rag doll’s legs would. They were bent at the knees, and her head had turned so her eyes fixed on the window. Eliza’s head never moved, it was sewn too tightly.

That was not the worst. Her face had changed. Her mouth wasn’t smiling as it had been when Casey made her. Her thin lips were curled down at the corners, the stitching loose and torn at one end. She had been smiling when she was pulled from under the bed.

Casey had been holding her breath for way too long and let it out with an almost desperate sigh. Something isn’t right here, she realised with dread, gasping as an icy finger slid up her spine. Without thinking any more, she jumped up knocking the bedside table against the wall with a thud, grabbed her bag and almost flew down the stairs, her hand covering her mouth so she wouldn’t actually scream. She was screaming in her head though. She had to get away, as far away from her bedroom as possible.

Abandoned book cover 5 border

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Here’s a review from a happy customer:

”I really enjoyed this book, despite being about 20 years older than the average reader of this kind of genre. It keeps you guessing until the end, as there are two stories elaborately woven together, and you’re not quite sure how it’s all going to work out. Highly recommended for a lazy afternoon’s read, especially if you’re a teenage girl with an attitude problem!”


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Look out for the next novel featuring me and Lee called

The Silent Angels

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