The Silent Angels~ Book 1: Casey and Alicia. Chapters 1 & 2. Book 2: Under the surface (Diary entries)

April 14, 2014

Here it is! The first 2 chapters of the novel that my aunt is writing about Lee and I. It’s challenging for me as it has meant that I’ve already had to face some home truths…and Lee has been in on the writing too (for his diary entries, and to confirm that he would say and do all the stuff she’s writing hahaha!) Please read, I think it’s ace….too bad she hasn’t written chapter 3 yet!

The Silent Angels

The Silent Angels will be a novel in two parts; Book 1 and Book 2

In Book 1, the reader will see the story unfold from Casey’s viewpoint, and the viewpoint of Alicia. The ghost girl.

In Book 2, the reader will, if they choose, read the story as it happened through the eyes of the other characters in the book. I want to include this second Book for two reasons:

Firstly, writing all their diary entries throughout the story helped me, as the author, to ‘get into their heads’ and therefore bring their characters to life more vividly and realistically in Book 1.

Secondly, I want the reader to realise that every story has multiple angles for everyone involved and it’s therefore never a good idea to believe only one side of a story. Also, we all hide things about ourselves because we fear being judged, yet we…

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