Chapter 2~ Personal diary entry~ Lee

April 9, 2014

This is sooooo Lee! 🙂

The Silent Angels

Please read Chapter 2 here:

Lee’s diary ~Sunday August 3rd

I am lying here by the light of a candle. It’s so quiet up here, all I can hear is the distant hoot of an owl and a gentle breeze caressing the walls before it sings its way through the holes in the window frames. Casey’s eyes are closed but her head is nodding to a silent beat every so often because she’s got her earphones in. We’re all snug under the sleeping bag so I want to write a bit about what has happened since we’ve been here. I just don’t get it some of it.

Yesterday, I swear I saw a girl crouched down on the balcony, looking at me like she had been the one seeing a ghost. I tried to wake Case up to see her too, ‘cos you know how it is when…

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