Chapter 2 (first draft)

March 22, 2014

Read the first 2 chapters, absolutely free! Please leave a comment for us as well, every little helps….thank you

The Silent Angels

Please read Chapter 1 here:

Someone sniggered. Then there was some extremely loud snorting. It kept coming back like a boomerang inside my head, pricking painfully at my eyeballs and bashing at my temples. My mouth felt like I had been force fed sand paper in the night and probably smelt like something had crawled in there and croaked it. I hated being hung over and Joel clearly wasn’t suffering like I was which made me feel ten times more irritated. He was talking to Lisa on the phone, god knows how he had the head to carry out a conversation let alone make dumb jokes. Lee started to stretch inside the sleeping bag and our limbs were all entwined. Our flesh was all clammy and it felt like we were being ripped apart as he struggled to unzip the bag.

‘Dez, Casey!’ he bellowed. I groaned and tried…

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