Look what he just sent me!

June 16, 2013

Some local newspaper took some photos of Lee, Annabelle and all the kids for the Community Project this afternoon. They have interviewed Annabelle already and want to talk to Lee tonight. The fucking dark-ass horse never told me they took some cool photos as well…him and Annabelle, with her expensive bloody camera…no no no no no no I hate that thought! But anyways he says this one is for me……..yeh it’s pretty damn gorgeous as well! Look at my eye candy!

images (27)

Sorry it’s a short post but I a talking on Skype with the eye candy man himself so gotta get back to him.


2 Responses to “Look what he just sent me!”

  1. Primalnights Says:

    I think your a tortured soul, just like me!

    • Casey Says:

      Too right I am Primal.
      Look at him.
      I used to think love was pathetic and why did people cry over other people.
      That came and bit me square on my ass didn’t it???

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