You Know My Name, Not My Story!

May 29, 2013

I can relate Jessie! x



( Please be aware that there is swearing and anger ahead)

If you reading this now, I guessing that you looked at this, saw the title and could instantly relate to this, and i just want to let you know your not alone.

Recently people at school have been judging the fuck out of me! These are people that I have never even said hello too. So on Friday I heard that some girl in year 12(the year above me) was going around and saying that she thinks im a bitch and blah blah bah, well yeah thats cool, you dont know me, my life or my story but sure call me a bitch if it makes you feel better. But telling everyone? speading around to all the year 12’s that im a bitch and a slut and shit! NO! im sorry that is too far, you dont know me for fucks sake…

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