Night 3 part 1

May 29, 2013

Lee is here. Yes, in my room!

My M&D are downstairs (two flights actually cos I live in the attic room as some people know) and I have to leave the door open (yawn) and Mum reckons she’s coming up at ‘regular intervals’ to check on us. AND the cheeky cow said to Lee when he turned up about half hour ago, ”It’s not that I don’t trust you Lee, it’s Casey that is the liability.”

WTF now? !!!!

Lee’s face was a fucking picture. I could tell that despite everything going on with him, he was dying to laugh. Ha. Hilarious Mum. Jesus.

Casey’s face was a picture as well! ~ Lee.

Hahah now we are writing together? He’s pissed cos I won’t let him read any of my previous blogs and he doesn’t know how to use WordPress…Yeh as if I could keep anything from you anyhow!

Let me read some stuff then!~ Lee


And we are drinking. I’ve got some G&T called Alfie and Lee has got some beer. He’s now looking through my DVDs to watch. That’s til about 11:30 when he will obediently go downstairs and say goodnight to M&D, go home and then come back via the tree later on when the world is sleeping.

I don’t think we will be doing much sleeping…………..

No we sure won’t! (~Lee)

There you go, that’s a promise!

Lee gives me a side glance and smirks a real sexy one…

I’m trying to take a photo of him but he keeps tickling me…..nah. How can someone so gorgeous be so self conscious?


Ok this is getting daft. Time to snuggle. Do you think my Mum will come up? Lee is tutting. Yeh be patient Casey know I know!

ooppppps sorry Mum!

images (8) g

yes I cut it down cos I snapped as I pounced on him and I looked hideous….


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