May 26, 2013


So Lee is coming tomorrow. He has to finish his shift tonight and get his pay and then he is COMING!!! Thing is it’s not going to be a great week for him as his Dad is leaving on Wednesday to go start the job in Leeds. I am not sure whats going on but it sounds like he’s got a small flat there for the time being so they dont have to up and leave. Phew. Lee sounded a bit stressed last night (although it was 3am) so whether there’s more to all this than he’s telling me well, I don’t know…..

I know he needs a bit of space with his family but I hope to fucking god we get plenty of time together. D has gone to Thessaloniki which I am slittingly jealous about but I have to see Lee or I will simply lose the will to live.

So AS USUAL I’m trying to get my college work done before the arrival. Cos lets face factuals, I will not be thinking about it after today. I’m not now actually so its kinda fruitless. The sun is out and so should I be. Even though I generally prefer the misery of the rain, I am in a shockingly great mood!


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