Weekend wonderful

March 3, 2013

Amazing times! Lee bought a laptop of his own on friday. This means that we can skype 24/7! You know Alex and Ben in the film ‘Paranormal Activity 4’? That’s us this weekend πŸ™‚
He has positoned it so that I can see the whole of his room. I put mine wherever i am at the time cos my attic room is massive. Last night, even though lee went to a party 😦 he left skype on and when he got back at 3am i woke up and we talked for a bit before falling asleep right next to each other. Well it seemed so. I woke up at 10am this morning and he was sleeping. I lay and watched him snoring til he woke up. We went and got breaky and coffee and sat and chatted in our jams. It was cool. We did our college/ uni work together and kept putting work in progress up so we could critique each other’s. Oh maaaan i am loving skype! Right now he’s in one of his friend’s rooms. Michael. I am tired out but at least if i drop off he will be able to see ME asleep. Hope i dont frickin dribble….

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