February 21, 2013

So I went back to sleep til about 11:30 when Lee called me and said he was up and eating breakfast. He had managed to explain to his parents what he needed to do and they were apparently cool with it. All my Mum and Dad said was ‘Oh, so his girlfriend’s not here with him then?’ Which OUTRAGED me inside. I just smiled and said no.

I told M&D that I would be going out with Lee to do some sketching and take photos for my Textiles project and they didn’t say anything. (It seems that we are out of the woods (hahaha) as far as suspicion goes. They think he’s still with Annabelle). I took Chester out for a bit and then went off to meet Lee on the path that joins our houses. I was sooooooooo excited and nervous as well because we parted acting like mates and didn’t get chance to kiss or anything. The woods at the back of here are so dense and no one goes there cos there are no other houses around. Conveniently!

He was already waiting, standing there grinning with his scrummy hair hanging down over his eyes. It has grown. Yum. I ran up to him and he put his arms round me and swung me round. I thought my heart would explode. OH MY GOD. He smelt really nice as well, some scent I don’t remember him wearing before. Meltdown. We were both laughing like idiots and then his face came down and he was about to kiss me when we realised we were a bit exposed for that show of affection. We could see his house from there so that meant we could be seen as well. We walked off towards the thickets and wooded area, I was teasing him and trying to grab his hand and he was pushing me away with his shoulder and whispering ‘not yet’ and smiling like a kid….we got into the woodland clearing and he grabbed me, pulled me down onto the ground and started planting kisses all over my cheeks and eyes. Oh jesus. Then he kissed me properly and the entire universe spun away and I was a weightless, mass of nothing except star dust. It was THE most amazing (I don’t know) 5 minutes of my life.

Eventually we came up for breath. He stared into my eyes and smiled. I just thought, this was worth waiting for. It has all been worth it. Every night of no sleep. Every depressing day at college thinking what the hell am I doing…all the stinging thoughts of Annabelle. All of it. I don’t regret this relationship, not for one milli-second.

We DID actually get some art work done and some photos taken, although we also got a lot of lip action going as well! It has all been too long coming and we need to make up for lost time. I just want to eat him. Never had that raging desire for anyone like this. Clearly he feels the same way because he couldn’t keep his hands to himself all afternoon…hugging, tickling, arms round me, holding my hand….aaaaaaaaaaaaaa heaven.

So tonight he is going to stay at home for a while and print out the photos and put everything in order. (Look like he is doing something substantial!) Then he say he will call and we can decide what to do. I think it will only be us two sitting in the kitchen or living room with M&D coming in and out. But that’s ok. He’s here.  I love him so much! 



2 Responses to “Arrival”

  1. primalnights Says:

    Isn’t it a good thing that you M&D think Lee has some other GF. That would take the light off of you wouldn’t it?

  2. Casey Says:

    Yes! That was a lucky turn of events when she came at New Years, even though it crucifies me inside to think he could be with Annabelle..even as a cover up… If he wanted to be with her, it would be much easier than being with me, so I have to keep reminding myself of that. It so takes the heat off us though..although we will not be spending any amount of time in room again!

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