Just another typical day? No way!

February 9, 2013

So instead of writing about what I haven’t done this week, I am going to write about what I have done. You will never believe it!

On Tuesday, Lee came back and announced that he had a surprise for me. He reached in his pocket and brought out some tickets. I thought, wooop, woo a concert? A gig in London? A weekend away from this prison? Even better, it was……

a few days on

Lakshadweep Island!

Where is that? I hear you all question, eyebrows raised. Well, my buds, it’s one of the (almost) deserted islands off the coast of South West India. Yes, look this is it from afar:


Apparently, he said, it has a few small huts to stay in and that’s all. Hardly anyone goes there. And nobody would be there when we arrived. Mum and Dad thought it was an awesome idea, saying we both needed a holiday after all we had been through in the last 8 months. So Mum took me off to buy some essentials like a new bikini and stuff, and I packed my gear, thinking what an amazing turn up for the books. Oh wow, I was so excited!

Dad offered to drive us to airport on the Wednesday morning and we had to get up at 3am but I didn’t care. Once we were at the airport we checked in and then went to get a coffee. That was when the fun started.

Oh man! The flight was amazing, we talked and laughed and I felt so free. We arrived and had a two hour boat journey across to the island. It was hot and we had stripped off our jumpers and boots and put on vest tops and flip flops. We sat in the boat, Lee with his arms round me and me with my hair loose, blowing in the wind. I dozed off at one point and woke up just as we were arriving at the beach. Our beach!

It was amazing.

Golden sand, palm trees, crystal clear blue water. Hot sun.

The man pointed out our hut and we ran into it, me squealing with joy. It was basic but gorgeous. It had a double bed area with doors that opened right out onto the beach and a little wooden terrace with a table and two chairs where we could eat breakfast. There was a little bathroom with a shower on the outside at the back of the hut and a kitchen area with cupboards full of enough food for the days we would be there.

Here are some photos:

images (1)

our hut

images (2)

view from the hut

images (4)

the hammock where we sometimes dozed together (and other things)

images (5)

a waterfall we found on a walk through the forest

So you can guess how our few days together were spent. Swimming, talking, exploring, (more each other than the island!) having amazing sex, napping, eating the scrummy food, lazing around in the hammock. I got to know Lee so much better. We felt like a real couple. Free to do whatever we wanted without prying eyes. Of course we didn’t want to leave. It was our place. I hope we get to go back one day, for longer next time.

P.S. I wish! Dreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeam on. I enjoyed my little fantasy there for a while. I almost convinced myself it was true šŸ˜¦


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