Annabelle and the last moments of Lee

January 23, 2013

I suddenly realised that I didn’t post about what happened with Annabelle.

Well, to cut a long story short, I didn’t get to spend any decent time with Lee on his own after the embrace that Mum walked in on. Can you fucking believe it, after all that time during Christmas hols!! Annabelle arrived and Stella stayed to give me moral support so it was back to being ‘friends’ again and pretending after almost being unable to convince my mum again that there was nothing going on…except that of course Stella knew everything.……

So after that day when Annabelle arrived, Lee was texting me like EVERY hour to ask how I was and when I could come round. I really had this fear inside me of meeting her. I had this image of a tall, strikingly beautiful and stylishly alternative girl that I would never be able to compete with…and once I saw her I would suffer forever when Lee was in London with her. So I put off going there. I made some lame excuse about Stella needing me and although I hated it with a passion as I was desperate to see him again, I managed to stay away.

Then two days after, they came round.

Oh God. Mum called me downstairs and there they were. And she was EXACTLY how I imagined she would be. Dressed in all black with this amazing blue mop of dread locked hair. Tall, so very tall. And sophisticated in a grungy way.

We stared at each other for what seemed like ages. They seemed to fit together somehow like they were held in photo time lapse by a invisible camera. Lee said Hi and snapped me out of my weird state of abstract contemplation. Annabelle smiled but her eyes didn’t. You know what I mean? Was it my imagination or did she ease herself a little closer to Lee? Their arms were so close it looked like they were siamese twins. Joined. I knew I was staring at strange places but my brain couldn’t take it all in. I couldn’t look her in the eyes. Striking goth eyes.

I felt like a small rabbit caught in some very threatening car headlights. I tried to look at them, Lee shifted onto his other leg and cleared his throat. Then she started moving towards me and I saw her jingly bangled arm stretch out, her fingers full of thick rings that seemed way too heavy for those delicate fingers. I mentally shook myself and looked her in the eye, shook her hand and said ‘Nice to meet you Annabelle.’ Then it was her who couldn’t look me in the eye. Fake.

She shook hands with Stella then and I smelt a strange waft of a dark perfume and heard that jangle of bracelets as she moved back towards Lee. Stella broke the ice by suggesting we go into the living room and she kind of guided Annabelle through, leaving me and Lee behind them. I immediately felt his slightly cold hand grab mine and squeeze, My heart jumped. Then I felt Lee pulling me back into the kitchen and I turned to see him grinning at me like a loony. Mum wasn’t in there thank god because he grabbed me round the waist and hugged me, whispering in my ear that he had missed me like crazy. Then we kissed. Ohhhhhhhhhhh maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.

I had to stop it because I was vaguely away that Annabelle and Stella were in the living room on their own. I admit I didn’t really give a shit, but it was a bit rude even for me! He held me for a few amazing seconds more and said that he didn’t know if we would get another chance to do this before he left so he wanted to make the most of it. I would have happily stayed there all night.

We walked in to the living room and Stella and Annabelle were chatting away as if they had known each other for years. That’s Stella for you. I don’t know how she does it with people. I guess she didn’t feel as fucking nervous and edgy around her as I did. She didn’t have much to lose. We sat down together on the two seater and Lee tried to twirl his fingers around mine but I was too conscious of whether Mum was around or not. Jesus, imagine that, her walking in on our little hand wrestling match! It was dodgy enough us sitting so cosy on the sofa together….

The rest of the hour or so was ok. I didn’t really talk directly to Annabelle, just to Lee and Stella. My boy and best bud seemed to get on so I was pleased with that. At one point, lee got up to go to the loo and Mum appeared in the doorway offering tea or coffee. How lucky was that. Fuck.. it was then that Annabelle did actually ask me a question. Whether me and Lee were actually together. Didn’t he TELL her? I just smiled and said yes. She smiled back, but I sensed something. She didn’t seem happy about it that’s one thing for sure. Stella, on the other hand, yelled out ‘Yay!’ and came over and threw herself at me, nearly head butting me! Then lee came back and Annabelle said she thought they should be heading back. What…at 9:30? Lee looked at me and tried to show me his apologetic face, but I wasn’t looking. Gutted. She stood up and jangled a lot. The perfume wafted again and I felt a bit sick.

Stella glanced at me and shrugged so we stood up and walked back into the kitchen towards the back door. They said goodbye to Mum and Dad who were drinking tea in there and we stood out in the yard. I wanted Lee for another hug and just wanted Annabelle to fuck off and let us be. Stella ushered her forward and said something I didn’t hear. Lee grabbed my hand again and said he would try and see me before they went back. We managed a little kiss but there wasn’t chance and it was too near the kitchen window. He said he would call and text when he was in bed (grrrrrrrrrrrumf!) and winked before turning away and walking towards the others. Annabelle said Goodbye and that it was nice to meet me and they walked off. Down the path and disappeared through the gate into the darkness. Stella just said fuck me and put her arm round me, dragging me back indoors. She helped herself to a cuppa and sat down with M&D. i didn’t want her to do that, I just wanted to go upstairs and sit and analyse what had just happened and what she thought Annabelle’s game was. I was dying to ask her what she thought of her! But no, the cow sat there. Dad said ‘Lee’s girlfriend seems nice’ and I just almost fell on the floor. Stella nearly choked on her tea and had to pretend to laugh to hide it.

Silence. What the hell? I hadn’t expected him to think that, but really, why wouldn’t he?

Then Stella. Oh Fucks sake. She said ‘Yes, we like her too. She’s awesome.’


Stella was grinning at me while trying to hide the fact from M&D that she was pissing herself laughing into her cup.

Later on upstairs, after I had bollocked her, she explained that it was good that they thought Annabelle was Lee’s girlfriend. I realised what she meant. It took the heat off me and lee. Of course!

Stella genuinely likes Annabelle. Yes, you read that correctly. I tried to explain that she seemed fake and that she never spoke to me except to ask if me and Lee were together. Stella, always the one who sees both sides of things reckons it’s because she felt threatened by me. I don’t think so. I think she wants Lee for herself and I am her competition. Why did she want to leave at chuffin 9:30? No. I love Stella’s diplomacy but she’s is wrong. Annabelle has got an agenda and that feeling is from my gut. I always trust my instinct about people.

Of course to lee, I said all nice things about Annabelle. Stella was right about one thing. The worse thing I could have done would be to slag her off to lee. I don’t want to be the bitch here. I will go along with it for Lee, but she is being watched. Very closely.




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