Ode to Brandon Lee

December 13, 2012

I adore this man. He encompassed everything I think is magical in a man:

  • Good looks. He was mixed race. Dark, brooding and that black hair is so sexy.
  • Gentleness. All about peace and non violence. (He said he was against violence but playing Eric Draven in The Crow, the aggression was justified).
  • He’s spiritual and philosophical. He spoke about how people take so much for granted; that they will see a thousand sunrises, but in fact they may not and how differently people would look upon a sunrise if they knew it would be their last.
  • He’s a great actor. (See The Crow. In my top 5 film faves of all time.)

Watch The Crow here. I think I have seen it about 50 times. I love it so much. It’s Gothic, romantic, tragic, sexy and thought provoking!

Here is the Divine Man’s last interview. RIP you gorgeous creature.


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