Some kind of resolution

December 8, 2012

Lee phoned me last night almost as soon as I’d posted that last blog post.

I apologised profusely for not calling him and he was as sweet as pie, as he usually is. That’s one thing I love about him; he never snaps or treats anyone with wrath even when he’s in a foul mood. He is so balanced, unlike me. I just mouth off and regret it. I know it’s wrong but I can’t help it.

Anyway. I told him what that ‘Trace’ girl had said and he was mortified! He told me all about her and how scary and psycho she was when they were going out. He ended it and she took it badly. I don’t blame her, so would I! I was really confused though about why she would have singled me out, after all, me and Lee are not ‘together’. I was pretty brave and asked him why. He goes:

”Well, you know. We come from a small rural community where everyone knows everyone else’s business down to the time of their latest bowel movement (lol to that) and so I guess she has heard that we’re close and thinks we’re togethr. You must admit, it does look like we are and to see us together, people must think it.”


My heart was racing and I just didn’t know what to say. I wanted to say something like well maybe we should be then because it feels like we are, to me at least.

But I frickin didn’t did I? No, of course not Casey you fucking arsehole. It would have been a perfect intro to our talk that is inevitably going to take place sooner or later. But it was all in hindsight and at the moment we were talking, I was too overcome, like someone has stuffed cotton wool into my brain. Idiot!


2 Responses to “Some kind of resolution”

  1. primalnights Says:

    I laughed at the Related Articles link “All about Laxatives” LOL. I have a quote for you. From the British Special Air Services (SAS) of all places: “Who dares, Wins!”

    • Casey Says:

      Hahaha! Yes I couldn’t believe it when I saw I had accidentally linked the laxative thing…I thought it was funny so I left it 🙂 I agree with that and I am working up to it. Thanks for your nice comment. How is your situation?

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