November 24, 2012

English: A 'floral' or 'goddess' pentagram - v...

English: A ‘floral’ or ‘goddess’ pentagram – variant form of geometric pentagram, and an example of a ‘hidden’ pentagram. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mum has really pissed me off. Amongst a million other things in my life that are PISSING me off right now, this broke the frickin camel’s back.

She told me to take off my Pentagram.

Now, for one thing, I never ever tell her or Dad to take off their ‘Christian’ crosses even though the cross was around long before Christianity was. It’s a Pagan symbol that once represented the four seasons, the four natural elements and the circle it was in was like the whole of everything in one. OMG I have just found this article on it, I won;t say which website it came from but look at what it says:

”The pagan cross symbol was “Christianized” into mainstream Christianity. But God’s one true Church has never done this. It has always seen the cross symbol for what it is—pagan! The Bible clearly teaches that God’s people must not practice or tolerate any pagan ways, customs, traditions or practices (Deut. 7:1-6Jer. 10:1-5Rev. 18:1-4).”

Oh so what is wearing the cross then? Isn’t that a Pagan practice? IT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE!

I get angry with my Mum as she has taken on Dad’s beliefs. He’s a Greek orthodox and says that it is very very important to the Greeks, but then why did Mum have to be indoctrinated? I’m not sure of her beliefs but in order to marry Dad she had to be baptised as an Orthodox! What???? Anyways, I get angry that she has to get up at stupid o’clock on a Sunday EVERY Sunday, to go with Dad when she doesn’t even really believe in it. If she did she would have already been pissing Orthodox, right?

Thing is, I don’t go around saying these things, even though they make me really rage. I don’t sit there and go on about the hypocrisy of  religion and how many wars it has caused in the world, even though it’s all about ‘LOVE’ thy neighbour. It’s a sham, in my opinion, but what I’m saying is, I respect them and everyone else who goes to church or whatever. So WHY can’t I wear the symbol that I choose?

”It’s the symbol of Satan.” OH MUM. MUM. YOU ARE SO WRONG.

Here it is, the article I am going to print out and show her:


Here are some interesting titbits taken from it:

”The circle around a pentagram is a symbol of “unity, wholeness, infinity, the goddess, and protection. To earth-centered religions throughout history as well as to many contemporary pagans, it represents the feminine spirit or force, the cosmos or a spiritualism Mother Earth, and a sacred space.[citation needed]The five-pointed star is representative of the four primal elements (earth, air, fire and water), and traditionally a fifth, called spirit. The circle binds them together to create life. When pointing up, the pentagram can represent spirituality’s dominance over the material (pentagram) bound inside the laws of the cosmos (circle). The upside-down facing pentagram, meanwhile, represents the physical world ruling over the spiritual, and has therefore been associated with dark magic. Other sources point to its origin in Chinese five-element philosophy (see feng shui), as the natural balance between fire, water, earth, wood, and metal. This theory states that the direction it is pointing has nothing to do with good or evil, but rather the upside-down facing circle is for banishing. The circle is again for the concept the power within is bound by, this time for the circle of life.”

English: A circumscribed pentagram.

English: A circumscribed pentagram. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(Not sure if I’m allowed to paste in from Wikipedia? SORRY if I’m not but you could all see it there in the link anyways).

I haven’t taken it off and I won’t. She said that she doesn’t want to see me with it on. Ok then, I’ll stay out of your way, I don’t care.

When they go to their Church in the morning, I will go to mine. The woods. We all came from the Earth and that is where I feel at home.



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