November 1, 2012

Oh. My. GOD.

I actually hate Halloween, so last night I thought I may as well read a book or something after I had skyped with Stella. She was all up for dressing up and doing some trick or treating but really, no. My life is dark enough already without inviting it in by dressing up as vampires (Stella’s idea) and roaming the streets in the blinding rain, me on my own btw and her with Chrissie. She wanted us to have our phones on video call so we could see what each other was doing. Stoopido.

Anyway, I digress. So I had had a good rant with S about P and felt a bit calmer. I got to the point last night where I really didn’t give a shit about it but you know when you’re all alone and your mind starts tumbling over itself like a rock that gathers snow…well that happened and I was laying there just raging. I won’t start myself off again, just to say, the guy is dumped. Soon. And Lee is coming (yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!) so I don’t need him in the way quite frankly.

So, yes I was on my bed and I had a book in my hand…my bedroom door was CLOSED as mum and dad had come back from some party at about 11 and I didn’t want them coming in. (Door closed means KEEP OUT and leave well alone). I wasn’t reading. My brain would take in about three words and then I would be thinking about Phil and Lee and would have to go back and read the lines before..it was so fragmented I shouldn’t have bothered. I just saw this black shadow appear across the door. At first I thought it was the shadow of a tree outside, but there are no freakin trees outside my window. 

I sat up thinking that maybe it was just my eyes… with the lamp on it could be just me. It stayed there. Then I started getting a bit freaked. I just stared at it and couldn’t drag my eyes away. It could have been hours for all I knew. Then, I started seeing the shape of a head and shoulders. (You probably think I’m just losing it at this point). Then I noticed legs. It was about the same height as me but I couldn’t make out any features (and I wasn’t in any rush to get up from the bed and start walking towards it to find out more).

I didn’t have my phone near the bed to take a pic. Can’t believe it.

As soon as I focused on looking around for my phone, I knew it had gone. Sure enough I looked at the door…no shadow. In the light of day I’m thinking, maybe it was just my imagination, but I can still see it in my head. I wasn’t even that scared at the time, just calm and curious. I dunno.

It took my mind of Phil Herring for the rest of the evening anyways.


I don’t know what to do about it. No text this morning, no Facebook message off him. Loser on a grand scale.

Anyways I’m off to see Stella and Chrissie. Dad’s taking me. I need to get my head straight about what I saw last night in my room.

One last thing. I see I’ve got a few likes for my post! Yaaay. Thank you, whoever you are. I have also followed you guys and I WILL check out your blogs.





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